Tuesday, September 29, 2009

so feeling this right now.

everything, the hair, the clothes, the set, the moves, the song, the lyrics - loving all of it.

eye candy

go to this if you can. i can't and i'm bummed. i'm making my lil' brother and best friend, mr. ed fontana, go while i'm stuck slinging drinks.

Monday, September 28, 2009

don't mind if i do!

what is it about boys in vans skate shoes?
here i am lurking on josh kurpius' website  (specifically looking at the photos under the man and machine section) because it's my version of porn. a lot the guys photographed are wearing one of these styles of vans - slip on, sk8 hi, era, old skool.
i've always been a sucker for a guy in those shoes. the simpler the pair is the better. none of that crazy pattern or color combination shit (except the hosoi sk8 hi because he fucking slayed it back in the day and he was one of my earliest skate crushes).
i generally can be found bumming around in a pair myself (except when i attempt to totter around in some heels). maybe that's why i find men in vans so sexy?
thanks for making me swoon a bit.
p.s. - someone should start a blog that only features cute boys in vans!!? that would kick ass.

*all images found through random google search except last image taken from the website:

jesse, this is for you.....

is it politically incorrect that i love d.a.c. and this song?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

yes please.

these shoes are perfect to practice my manther skills in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you know you're not in fucking kansas anymore....

when the gillette venus razor replacements and colgate toothpaste are kept under lock and key at your local grocery store.

WTF nyc? so, i've gotten used to no public restrooms anywhere in the 5 boros and people riding their bike the wrong direction on the streets (maybe that bothers me because i'm from outdoorsy and polite colorado, people don't do that shit there) and no one taking credit cards but i can't get over having to ask the cashier to grab my toiletries for me.

dear cinderblock walls,


all i wanted to do is hang my cheap curtain rod and newly sewn curtains and ya screwed me royally. do i have a hammer drill and masonry drill bits on hand? NO, fucking of course not!

why can't i just have normal drywall walls? is that too much to ask?

by the way, WTF?  is the phrase of the month. i will be using it loosely. thank you.

michael k......

WTF? how could you? i'm traumatized for life.

proceed with caution. be forewarned - it's like a horrible car accident - you want to look away but you can't.

hot chicks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i suck.

i just paid an ungodly amount to get an mfa at sva....then i watch videos like this that make me realize what a hack i am. holy shit this guy is mind blowing. wtf? that's all i can say.

*video stolen from ignored prayers blog (to the right). who are you? can we be friends?

where is.....

my significant otter? i'm still looking.


i know a lot of people already know about this but every time i read it, i'm amazed at how entertaining it is.

how can something so mundane and banal be so funny and awesome?

i think you have to have a twitter account (gay) but it's worth it just to read the updates on steve.

i lurrrrrv you.

so in the style of ms. white lightning - i'm writing about my latest crush - jordan hufnagel , a custom bicycle builder in portland, oregon.

found out about him from an article on a group of portland bike builders in the october/november issue of ReadyMade magazine.

he is major swoon worthy! he puts my heart rate through the roof and makes my knees weak.

um, hello, just look how sexy he is in the photo below!  despite how cliche it is, i'm a sucker for plaid, tattoos and scruff. and always boys on bikes - motorcycles or bicycles, i'll take either or both.

jordan - come to nyc and have a beer with me. k?

*pic pulled from jordan's website. the photographer is benji wagner .

because we all need....

a chicken book in our library. purchased today for $7.98 from the bargain bin at barnes and noble.

try it sometime.

this post is dedicated to park slope and the stroller mafia. could you environmentally-conscious yuppie breeders give it a rest? jeez. somedays, i wish park slope would implode.

kinda played out....

but still so funny to me. this kinda rules a little.

Monday, September 21, 2009

keep it simple

i think i pulled this photo from jen hanley's blog ages and ages ago. recently came across it again on my old laptop. i love this woman's style. simple, pared down, stylish, sexy, yep.

Friday, September 18, 2009

fuck the ozone.

so, i originally posted this on my old accidentally deleted blog, femme feral (doh!) after watching it on d-listed. at the time, i thought this bitch was serious but then i watched a ganguro tutorial also by her on the boobs website. at first, i was crushed that baby smiley wasn't real but then i watched her other videos. she is brilliant and she has a great youtube channel with a bunch of funny videos you should check out.  i've posted two of my favs below. gloria - will you be besties with me?

on a side note, my most starstruck moment was over July 4th weekend when, while having brunch at 7A, that hot mess, michael k. (the genius behind d-listed), walked by. i was so star struck and speechless that i forgot to scream "make sure your eyebrows scream bitch" at him as he walked by. michael k. - when are we going out for drinks and becoming best friends forever - it's so meant to be.  i love you and i'm so thankful for you website. it brings a small daily ray of sunshine into my dark and dismal life.

are you in need of a good laugh? then watch this!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

words of wisdom.....

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.


so this video was one of my first posts on the blog i accidentally deleted. i love this video so much that i decided it needed to be reposted. everytime i watch it, i'm speechless. the new fame movie which comes out on the 25th (and no, i'm not going to go see it on opening night, really, i'm not.) has nothing on michelle's dance moves. watch and learn kids, watch and learn.

there's hope.....

that a woman can be slightly masculine in her style and still be incredibly sexy.
i'm not sure how many men find kate lanphear swoon worthy but i know most stylish women do.
she's my top style icon these days. she's sexy and true to her style which is high fash rawk n rawl.
it makes me feel better about always wanting to wear neutral colors, jeans, studs, and t-shirts. she reminds that i can rock these items and still be a guy magnet - that it doesn't have to be about short skirts, cleavage and long flowing locks.
i do need to throw on heels more often but they kill my feet!!! why couldn't i get the high heel-wearing gene??
kate lanphear - you're my high fash hero. xoxo.  the boots kate has on in the second to last image are heavenly.
*images found through google
**fat karl thrown in for fun....a reminder not to take oneself, fashion, or life too seriously.